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Our Fruits

Wasem Fruit Farm has over a dozen varieties of apples available for U-Pick, and even more available that are already picked. Our U-Pick apple season typically begins shortly after Labor Day and continues through early November.
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Tart Cherries
At Wasem, we grow Montmorency cherries—the world’s best variety of pie cherry. Our cherries typically get ready around July 4. The season is short, usually lasting just two or three weeks. Tart cherries are excellent for pies, jams, jellies, and a variety of delicious desserts. They can also be added to main dishes to add more flavor. If you have a taste for sour fruits, you may also enjoy them as is, sprinkled with sugar, or on top of ice cream.

Black & Red Currants
During our tart cherry season, which typically begins around July 4 and lasts 2-3 weeks, we also have both black and red currants available to pick. Currants are a very small tart fruit (slightly smaller than a blueberry). Although rarely eaten before cooking or adding sugar, currants are excellent for jams and jellies. Black currants, in particular, are popular among people from Eastern European countries.

Gooseberries are a small green tart berry (about the size of a grape) that grows on a bush. If left on the bush long enough, they turn pink. Our gooseberries ripen at the same time as our tart cherries and are available to pick during the month of July. Typically the season lasts just a short time, so don’t miss out. Gooseberries are typically used for baking.

We raise very few peaches and sell them only at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market.

We grow three varieties of pears—Bartlett, Spartlett, and Bosc. Bartlett and Spartlett pears are fairly similar, although Spartlett are slightly larger and firmer than Bartlett pears. Bosc pears ripen later in the season and are more crunchy.

We grow two different varieties of plums—Vision Plums and Stanley Plums. Both plums are good for eating as is, for pies, desserts, jams, jelly, canning and bread. We usually have plums when we open for our fall picking season, but the season is much shorter than for apples.

We have a limited number of fall red raspberries during the month of September and early October for pick your own. We also take some to the Ann Arbor Farmers' market.

In addition to our fruits, we also have pumpkins available during the month of October already-picked and available for U-Pick. Our pumpkins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some of the pumpkins we raise are pie pumpkins.